About us

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About us

AI Playschool is an Active Interactive Playschool initiated by the Management with diverse expertise in the field of education.

Our Management established Questease Solutions an ISO 9001: 2015 certified organization in 2013, a pioneer in IT Training/Internships/Skill Development Programs. We also ventured into STEM education through Robotaqnia Pvt.Ltd specializing in Robotics study and are the select few to have accredited for STEM education through STEM.ORG an American organization that are the pioneers in developing the first STEM validation framework in the year 2001.

We are spreading the wings in taking technology-enabled curriculum to schools and preschools. Today, Children learn more from visuals, audio and practical oriented concepts as it becomes the synonyms of the learning eco-system.

In other words, AI Stand for Artificial Intelligence generation kids that need technology in every aspect of their life to educate, evolve and explore through experiential learning.

Our core values

Learning & Fun

Healthy Meals

Children Safety

Hygienic Environment

AI Vision

  • To innovate new educational approaches focused on how children learn
  • To be recognized as providing excellence in early years education
  • To contribute to the quality of early years education

AI Responsibility

  • To direct our energies in delivering an environment dedicated to your child’s needs, talents, abilities and interests.
  • To ensure that your child is nurtured in a caring and loving environment
  • To keep your child safe and secure at all times
  • To help your child to develop self-confidence and confident expression verbally, spatially and bodily-kinesthetically through active indoor and outdoor pursuits.
  • To help your child think critically, solve problems and develop a life-long love of education
  • To help your child use technology in appropriate and innovative ways
  • To form a close partnership with our parents, keeping them well-informed about the progress of their child and any areas where additional support may be needed

Meet our Staff

All staff have access to professional opportunities that include international placement, training and professional development programmes.