Safety and Security at AI Playschool

The entire premises of AI playschool are designed with the child-centric environment while taking the below extra safety measures.

  • Our staff constantly monitors the center environment to ensure that all children can play, learn, and interact in a safe and nurturing indoor and outdoor classroom activities
  • Sign in and sign out sheets enable staff to monitor who drops off and picks up each child.
  • Your child will be released only to those individuals whom you list in the child’s enrolment records. A Photo I.D. is required.
  • Parents or guardians may enter the facility at appointed time to observe or pick up their child.
  • Background checks are performed on all our staff and Ayas.
  • Low teacher-child ratios ensure that there are sufficient teachers and other adults available to adequately supervise the children in care.
  • Classrooms are equipped with CCTVs for monitoring.
  • We keep monitoring every child’s health on a daily basis.
  • We notify parents when a child does not feel well to help prevent an illness from spreading.
  • Toys, surfaces, and floors are sanitized throughout the day to prevent the spread of germs.
  • Classroom materials and playground equipment are child-centric without any hard objects that may cause any injury to the child