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Are you worried due to the restrictions placed on the movement of your children at home and due to the uncertainty as to when things will get better and make our lives back to normal?

It says adversity leads to diversity and that is the reason education has shifted from classroom to virtual mode. If children can’t come to school then school can reach the children in their homes.

We at AI Playschool is providing Homeschooling in fun, interactive and engaging way to keep children enjoy every bit of session.

If you think how children in the age group of 2 to 6 years will learn through homeschooling classes then your perception needs to change because children can still be better equipped to learn and acquire, understand, express their emotions through virtual classes.

The child should never be left unattended as it will divert the child`s energy to become more hyperactive and troublemaker which can affect the overall personality of the Child as he continue to grow

We should understand that the current generations kids are very smart and they adapt to the use of the technology more quickly. Let’s help them to utilize these technology in learning and gaining knowledge instead of watching just cartoons/playing games.

AI Playschool

We provide homeschooling classes for Playgroup, Nursery, Pre- Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Ist Standard for 2 to 7 years age group.

Program Pedagogy

Our Programs are planned to support parents to understand how to encourage students to study at home. we guide parents with curriculum, worksheets and recorded videos to teach children at home . By the use of teaching aids they can make the learning more creative, fun and interactive. 

Program Highlights

AI Playschool follows research based IGCSE Curriculum (Cambridge Curriculum) with integrated Play way methods. Our homeschooling Sessions have lot of activity based classes to make the children; Visualize, Act and Remember.

Fine and Gross Motor skills

We focus on the Child`s creative aspect and work on developing the fine and gross motor skills through arts and crafts, coloring, sorting and lacing etc. These activities help in gaining long spans of concentration and develop the pre-writing skills.

Recorded Sessions

All the homeschooling sessions are recorded and will be shared with parents to make children practice at home. We also guide the parents on how to help children in learning by following manual instructions shared by us.

Online worksheets

Our entire syllabus and books are also available in ebook format which helps the parents makes us easier to share the relevant topics, worksheets for parent reference.

School APP

We have our own school learning APP based on our teaching curriculum where children can login in this app with the scan code and use it

Our Homeschooling Program Structure

These are our little genius and they have very less attention span and making them learn through homeschooling is a challenging task. To keep the focus of the child, we enrich their vocabulary, letter and number identifications, GK through rhymes music and other visual activities

This is the age where the children try to be independent learner and develops interest in learning news words, sentences and making friends. Our main focus is to develop their fine and gross motor skills with lot of pre-writing skills like coloring, tracing, cutting and pasting. We work on their GK through EVS and learn to differentiate through Number math’s. They learn counting, shapes and other numeric concepts. They do have rhymes and storytelling sessions as they love to be expressive by doing with actions.

Our Pre- Kindergarten Program is to work on transforming children from pre-writing skills to writing skills and make them write in columns and to be an independent writer. Their GK is improvised with EVS and theme based activities and they learn different numbers concepts, how to differentiate and do counting while writing.

In Kindergarten children are settled learner and hence we focus on making them do lot of written activities in notebooks in proper columns and improves their concentration in studies. They will be introduced to three and four letter words, vowels and sight words.  They learn addition, subtraction along with tables.

We introduced 1st standard from this academic year (2020- 2021). 1st standard is the first class of primary section where children learns to read and write on their own. We have lots of activities to enrich their vocabularies, learns math’s table and able to frame sentences and use grammar and punctuations in proper manner.

Parents reviews

Very good school for nursery and pre primary kids. The management takes care of overall development of students by organizing regular events and activities. Staff is also very courteous and supportive.
Yaseen Ali Mohiddin
It's good know that there r some playschool which give importance to both physical n mental activities ....keep it guyzz
Ifthakar Ali
One of the best primary school in towlichowki surrounding for kids which not only concentrate on studies but also on the overall development of kid with lot of afterschool activities for fun & fitness & they have highly disciplinary faculty management to take care of kids.
Emraan Emmu

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Note to Parents

This lockdown has effected everyone and especially children who doesn’t understand what is all about’. They refrain from going out, mingling or play with others. On Top of all, their schools are closed. They’re getting attached to TV, Video games and other entertainment activities which not only effecting their eyes and brain and also effecting their personalities. They’re becoming more hyper active, nervous and throwing tantrums to get attention in letting them do whatever they want. Their sleeping patterns have changed and they’re staying awake till mid night and getting up late in morning and as a parent it has become a very difficult task to handle. If such activity is not dis-continued then it will yield to a complete new personality in children which may require counselling to overcome it

This is the age to learn and grow and we need to understand that young minds need to continuous feed with information, education to develop their personality.

Our suggestion to parents is to make children engage with activities and with this homeschooling sessions children not only learn and understand that education is important but it also can be done from home as well.

Let’s collaborate and help the child to overcome these difficult times till we get back to routine