Kindergarten Curriculum (5.0-6.0 Yrs.)

By the time the children are in the kindergarten, their attention span is fully developed, and they’re able to sit for more extended periods. They begin to experience themes and activities to broaden their knowledge and horizon.

We introduce, structured pattern learning with phonetics and sight words. They are confidently able to write and do have related books to support their education.

4 hours session


After School

Arts and Literacy

Age 5 is a key year for literacy skills! Your child will be introduced to a variety of literature through which they will begin to identify letters, match letters to sounds and recognize the beginning and ending sounds of words. They will learn the basics of reading and writing and will expand their vocabulary tremendously throughout the year.


Age 5 is an exciting year for developing math skills. Children are made to focus on addition and subtraction and will start to learn to make measurements using numbers. Kids are provided opportunities to discover that shapes can be combined or broken down to make new shapes- for example, 2 squares make a rectangle. They are move beyond learning 2D shapes (Circles and Squares) and explore the properties of 3D shapes (Spheres and Cubes)


Science is a dynamic, creative and social process called inquiry and children learn science by actively doing it. Your 5-year-old starts to understand time, weather and becomes aware of daily and seasonal changes. They are interested in exploring cause-and-effect relationships and enjoy mixing different materials and we provide your child with lots of different objects and materials to investigate and support their critical thinking skills.

Social and Emotional Development

5-year-old are at a wonderful age in which they not only share toys but also share ideas. They are curious about friends’ lives, ask questions, and share stories with each other. You may hear them talk about a “best friend” ― but don’t be surprised if their best friend changes daily or weekly. They develop more stable friendships and social conflict among friends becomes inevitable. Kids are more likely to have a conflict with close friends because they spend more time with friends and have to negotiate different opinions, temperaments, and styles of play. Our teachers help your child learn how to collaborate, cooperate, communicate, negotiate, self-advocate and respect others.

Social Studies

Our social studies units involve children as individuals and explore their roles in the classroom, the Neighborhood, Class Trips, Holidays, and Special Visitors. Throughout the year, children get an opportunity to explore their local community, learn about the history and the Indian Culture.