Nursery curriculum (3.0-4.0 yrs.)

Three-year old imagination is working at all times and are full of wonder, spend a lot of time watching, observing, and imitating.  They begin to settle down and ready to learn new things, experiment and enrich themselves with the zest of new confidence. To capture the zest and enthusiasm of the child, our Nursery curriculum is designed to further enhance the child`s skills on the below key areas of development

3 hours session

Story Time

Field Trips

Arts and Literacy

Children at this age develop their ability to comprehend and tell stories based on Imagination. These skills are best nurtured when embedded in activities and we provide the opportunity for the children to listen to stories, retell them, sing and say rhymes. Children begin to understand symbols, learn about words and letters.Talking, singing, playing sound and word games, reading, writing and drawing with your child are some of activities that are incorporated to set up a good literacy foundation for your child


Children`s mathematical thinking at this age, includes knowing numerals, counting, creating patterns, recognizing shapes, measuring and organizing numeric information using charts. Our curriculum is designed to embed the mathematical thinking as activities and explorations that are centered on the child`s interest and curiosity


Science is a hands-on based activity for a 3-year-old as they arenot ready to sit down and memorize concepts.  Our curriculum encourages activities that promote a basic understanding of the world around them with activities that teach about Human body, plants, animals and weather in an enjoyable way. They will think they are playing when actually they are learning.

Social and Emotional Development

At this age, Childrenbegin to learn impulse control, learn how to share and take turns. Children are provided an opportunity to engage in dramatic plays which allows the child to develop social skills, express & cope with feelings and experiment with decision making. Through playful interactions, children manage impulse control, demonstrate patience, regulate their responses and interactions. Our curriculum supports your child to play games together and, in a way, foster his social skills

Gross and Fine Motor Development

As your 3-year-old grows, they are learning more about their own body and how to control it. Balance will get better and, with practice, your child will be able to do things they had not been able to do before. There are many opportunities provided for your child to work on their gross motor skills like walking in a straight line, balance on a low balance beam, Skip or gallop, walk backward, jump with 2 feet, throwing and catching a ball and balancing on one foot.

Our curriculum also supports fine motor development with appropriate materials such as playdough, crayons, markers, and children are encouraged to practice scribbling, and some of those scribbles will begin to resemble letters and words. Kids are encouraged to wash and dry hands independently

Our Nursery curriculum is designed to bring awareness in and around the world of the child where they can explore, experiment and enrich themselves with the zest of new-found confidence